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A conference to diminish preschool readiness gaps for Canada’s most vulnerable populations through changes in policy and practice. Every child deserves success in school and life.

In a world where so many obstacles can deny children’s rights to a quality education, the MMC is on the front lines to clear their path to success.

About the Campaign

Without critical life skills and supports, many children are unprepared to succeed at school. Dedicated to equal education opportunities and social inclusion, Mothers Matter Centre helps them get a fair start through our Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program.

Working with vulnerable, isolated moms and disadvantaged families, we focus on key factors that ensure kids enter school with confidence and security, such as: literacy, nutrition, adequate shelter and clothing, safety, and the vital importance of play – all of which help kids launch into learning with ready minds and open hearts.

Through home visits, we guide and engage parents to equip their kids with a full rainbow of social, intellectual and physical skills. We also coach on how to transform home situations into healthy spaces that foster early learning, with referrals to social housing, food banks, doctors, counselling and more.

In a world where so many obstacles can deny children’s rights to a quality education, MMC is on the front lines to clear their path to success. Join us in our fight to give kids a learning chance.

The MMC is looking to collaborate with other key stakeholders in the Right to be Ready initiative.

Preschool readiness is a fundamental human right

We focus on literacy

Children’s earliest and most powerful learning comes from their families. Through a structured education program, HIPPY helps parents lay the foundations for success at school by guiding parents to teach their children literacy, numeracy, and language skills, as well as physical skills, so they develop a love of learning that lasts throughout their lives.

We provide the opportunity to play

For young children, play is more than just a fun activity. Research has shown that play contributes to a child’s healthy development. It helps build social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. Furthermore, play is a child’s right. It provides the base foundation for learning. The HIPPY program offers ample opportunity for parent-child play time through dramatic play, singing, rhyming, games, puzzles, cooking, baking and movement.

We support families to secure food, shelter, and security

The home visit enables peer Home Visitors to observe the conditions of the home regularly over a long period. Home Visitors can pick up on dynamics that mitigate against a positive home learning environment. Through observation and gentle coaching, they can support mothers in developing and creating the physical and emotional conditions to foster a healthy space for their children. This includes referrals and connections to essential services like social housing, food banks, school counsellors, doctors, trauma counselling, etc.

Taking place from November to June 2023, the Right to be Ready campaign comprises three parts: