Jessica — 2021 Because Mothers Matter Award Recipients

Meet Jessica! She is a mother of three boys and is soon expecting her fourth child. Despite feeling isolated after moving from her homeland in Nova Scotia, Jessica remains resilient and optimistic through it all. She continues to beat the odds and flourish as a leader in her community.

Three years after being a HIPPY participant, Jessica became a HIPPY home visitor. She has made an incredible impact in her role by continuously applying the mother-to-mother approach. Jessica is also an intergenerational programmer in a separate community organization. She loves to share her cultural knowledge with other Indigenous families in both programs.

Jessica is a tireless Indigenous culture advocate. She promotes the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre’s programs and makes a point to support women’s Indigenous community opportunities. Whether working with internal or external groups, Jessica looks to find the best outcome for all involved; she always sees the good in people. She takes time to listen and make sure everyone is included in the dialogue. Her honesty, friendliness, and considerate nature make her a natural leader.


June 30, 2021


2021 Honoured Mother 2