A Vision for the Inclusion of Isolated Mothers in Canada

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Like us, we hope that you felt inspired by the conference and the opportunity it provided to gather a global community of like-minded organizations and individuals dedicated to the inclusion of vulnerable women, both in Canada and beyond.

Conference Recordings

To watch day one of the conference, the HIPPY Research Symposium, please click here.

To watch day two of the conference, the Community Discussion Series, please click here.

Conference Presentations

Florida HIPPY Parents Successfully Prepare Their Children for Kindergarten (Dr. Tracy Payne, Assistant Professor, University of South Florida) >>Download Presentation

Development of School Readiness Skills in HIPPY Canada Participants (Dr. Lucy LeMare, Professor in the Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University; Camilla Enns, Masters Student, Simon Fraser University) >>Download Presentation

Expanding Options for Measuring Home Visiting Outcomes (Christa Haring Biel, Director of Education and Research HIPPY USA) >>Download Presentation

Bracken Findings in Liberia (Ron Mertz, Evaluation/Assessment Consultant, Liberia) >>Download Presentation

The Liberia Family Literacy Initiative 2018-2019 Adult Literacy Program (Dr. David Rosen, Independent Consultant) >>Download Presentation

Innovative HIPPY Practice in Remote Australian Communities (Marian Pettit, Director HIPPY Australia) >>Download Presentation

Formative Research in HIPPY Chile: How Data Can Help Program Improvement (Carolina Andueza, Executive Director of CMPC Foundation & Director of HIPPY Chile) >>Download Presentation

Pathways to Possibilites (Marian Pettit, Director HIPPY Australia) >>Download Presentation

What is Good For Maori is Good for All – Te Ao Maori (Mark Veale, National Director HIPPY New Zealand) >>Download Presentation

Reviving Hope and Home for Refugee Mothers (Akiko Ohta, PhD student in Languages, Cultures and Literacies, Simon Fraser University; Dr. Masahiro Minami Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University; Yusra Qadir, Director Innovations, Advocacy and Multicultural HIPPY) >>Download Presentation

Systems Navigation and the Urban Indigenous Mothers as System Navigators Project (Angela Contreras, Senior Policy Advisor to Indigenous HIPPY) >>Download Presentation

Performance Management Program (Susanne Nahm Senior Director of Performance Management at the Mothers Matter Centre) >>Download Presentation

Early English Language Learning (Yusra Qadir, Director Innovations, Advocacy and Multicultural HIPPY; Ben Pollard External Evaluator) >>Download Presentation

About the Conference

The Mothers Matter Centre and its partners are hosting an international conference that will explore the impact of the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program in communities around the world and highlight the experiences of isolated women seeking inclusion in Canada.

Day one of the conference will feature a research symposium in partnership with HIPPY International. Researchers from Canada and around the world will be focusing on five themes: 1) Making the Case – HIPPY and School Readiness Results; 2) Research for Program Monitoring and Development; 3) Expanding the Model – Adult Literacy and Professional Development 4) Program Innovation to Promote Inclusivity for Refugee Communities; 5) Program Innovation to Promote Inclusivity for Indigenous Communities.

HIPPY Research Symposium Panelist Brochure

Day two will be the “Inclusion of Isolated Mothers in Canada Community Discussion Series”, an initiative with non profit organizations across the country to facilitate vulnerable mothers’ participation in a four-part dialogue about inclusion and exclusion in Canada. Expert keynote speakers will review the findings from the series and share their insights and implications for practitioners.


Keynote Speakers

Dr. Alaa Murabit

Physician, Advocate, Feminist, Strategist Speaker, Writer

The Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine P.C., C.M., O.Ont., C.B.E.

Politician and Advocate

Marion Buller

Provincial Court Judge (Ret.)

Dr. Miriam Westheimer

Director, HIPPY International

Gauri Sawant

Director, Sakshi Char Chowgi and Transgender Activist

Lindsay Kearnes

Red Seal Electrician, Community Organizer, Advocate

Dr. Annette Korntheuer

Professor and Researcher

About the Conference Host

The Mothers Matter Centre is a virtual, national consortium of organizations dedicated to serving socially isolated and low economic status mothers and their families using our proven mother-to-mother approach. We grow and sustain our flagship Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program and develop other program innovations such as housing assistance, job- skills training, literacy and language training, healthcare, and more.

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.Q., C.D. Governor General of Canada, and His Excellency, the Right Honourable David Johnston, C.C., C.M.M, C.O.M., C.D., Former Governor General of Canada, and Her Excellency, Sharon Johnston are patrons of Mothers Matter Centre.

Sponsors and Partners

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Discussion Series Partners & Sponsors

For more information, please contact Natasha Vattikonda at nvattikonda@hippycanada.ca