HIPPY Halton

HIPPY Halton Has Operated Since 2007 and Serves Mainly Newcomer Families

At HIPPY Halton we believe that, if you feel confident, you can do anything! HIPPY is not only about helping the kids but the mothers too.

June Cockwell was determined to bring the HIPPY Program to the under-served and overlooked low-income residents of one of the wealthiest communities in Canada. Unlike most other HIPPY sites, June has personally raised the funds for the sites from individual donors and grants.  The program expanded last year to Milton and Burlington and serves 110 families.

Success story:
My daughter Teresa and I have been doing HIPPY for about six months. The positive impact that our HIPPY learning experience has had goes beyond my expectations. HIPPY has had a positive impact on the three fronts of my daughter´s life: the linguistic, the relational and the pedagogical.