Athena, mère du programme HIPPY – HIPPY Oakville (ON)

If there was one word to describe Athena Yu, our first Honoree this evening, that word would be “relentless” – relentless in her pursuit to ensure her children enjoy the best possible future in Canada. While many mothers might have succumbed to the trials of being the lone parent of children experiencing unique challenges, Athena was not among them.

Determined not to be discouraged by her daughter Sophia’s autism diagnosis, Athena supported her daughter’s development by taking her to therapists and by doing the HIPPY program to help Sophia learn to read and write. When Athena then learned of her second daughter Sonja’s Sensory Process Disorder diagnosis, she knew exactly what to do… she got the appropriate professional support and continued with the daily structured routine of the HIPPY program.

Athena says:

It was quite a journey for my girls and me and the HIPPY program has been part of our daily routines. We always love to read and do the craft together as a family. HIPPY gives us more opportunities to reach the girls’ potential.

Athena works as a private Mandarin teacher on weekends and, during the week, as a supply teacher at a school in Oakville, where she has also started volunteering.



avril 16, 2019


Mère honorée 2019