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“We have had so many mothers interested.”

Five new sites are working on rolling out the HIPPY program this fall. All sites have successfully completed the Mothers Matter Centre’s pre-service training. Today, we are introducing our new partner organization, Regina Immigrant Women Learning Centre. We asked HIPPY Coordinator Kirandeep Bhullar to share her plans and hopes for their first HIPPY year. 

Tell us about your new HIPPY site!

Our organization has 29 staff members from diverse backgrounds who speak multiple languages. Besides HIPPY, we offer many other programs, like language services, family support, seniors’ recreational programs, and employment support.

How many mothers and children will participate in the first year?

We will have 20 families in the first year who will be served by two Home Visitors.

How has COVID-19 affected the start of the HIPPY program?

We transitioned to virtual services for all our programs. We had to transition quickly and will be offering HIPPY virtually as well. Promoting the program and registering families online has been a challenge, but we are doing our best.

How will the HIPPY program benefit the families you are working with?

The program will provide them with support, especially newcomer families struggling with job loss during this pandemic. Also, many newcomer families we are talking to are hesitant to send their kids to pre-school. The HIPPY program will help them teach their kids at home and bond with their children through practical activities.

What are you looking forward to?

We’re looking forward to rolling out HIPPY and connecting with more women through it.

Anything else you would like to add?

We’re excited to kickstart HIPPY this fall and want to say that, as we have been promoting the program, we have had so many mothers interested who didn’t even know that there were any support services available for newcomers.

Thank you for your time, and welcome to the HIPPY family!



Le Centre Mothers Matter est l'organisme national qui chapeaute les droits de licence et assure le suivi de tous les sites HIPPY au Canada. Il fait en sorte que tout le personnel bénéficie de la formation professionnelle (sous forme de formation de formateurs et formatrices) et du suivi et soutien requis. Le Centre Mothers Matter administre également le processus de gestion du rendement qui contribue à améliorer le fonctionnement opérationnel, les services offerts et les résultats.


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