Tong’s HIPPY Story: ‘My daughter keeps surprising me with her improvements throughout the program.’

Tong is a mother to two younger daughters, ages three and one, and completed her first year of HIPPY with her eldest daughter this past Spring. She joined the HIPPY program at Working Women Community Centre in downtown Toronto when she felt she had run out of ideas and activities to do with her kids – a sentiment many parents can relate to! She speaks candidly about her experiences in the HIPPY program and the ways in which her daughter has grown and developed into a capable preschooler.

In Tong’s Own Words

The reason why I joined the HIPPY program is because I really ran out of ideas and activities to do with my daughters. There are tons of good ideas out there and the internet offers many different activities to do at home too, but sometimes it is just too much information and I don’t know what to choose or it is just simply hard for me to follow through.

HIPPY’s Curriculum Helped Tong Support her Daughter’s Development

I found HIPPY curriculums much more structured and easy to follow. The HIPPY Home Visitor teaches me how to do each activity step-by-step and this makes me feel more confident and really ready to have fun with my daughter week by week!

Like many parents, I truly want to learn to help my children to succeed in school. HIPPY does just that! It empowers me to be my daughter’s first teacher by giving me the tools, skills, and confidence I need to work with my child at home. I will be forever grateful!

Tong’s Daughter Flourished

Thanks to HIPPY, I also have become more aware of what my daughter is capable of. For example, I didn’t think before that a three-year-old child is able to cut paper using scissors and found out that actually she is ready to do so!

My daughter keeps surprising me with her improvements throughout the program. I remember the time she was asked to make a puppet show. She really loved doing it and I will never forget how much her eyes lighted up with the excitement about the play! Ella had asked the whole family to sit down as her audiences while she put on a puppet show!

It is the HIPPY moments like this which makes me become more confident about my daughter. I know now that she will be just fine at school in September as she is ready and I believe she will be happy and shine there!

Tong’s Home Visitor Supported Her Throughout

I want to say a big thank to my HIPPY Home Visitor, Claudia. Not only did she deliver the HIPPY curriculums to me, but she has always shown care and love for my family in the most professional way. Rain or shine, winter storms, bad weather or not, she still came on time, always ready to spend quality time with me and with the big smile on her face! As a mother, there are times I have felt I am not doing my best, but Claudia has always encouraged me and given me a lot of support and guidance. Both Ella and I were always looking forward to our weekly meetings with her and we are already excited having her coming next year too! Thank you, Claudia!

Last, but not least, I wish to express how grateful and happy I feel that I found the HIPPY program and have been a part of the HIPPY family. Thank you HIPPY for giving both me and my daughter an unforgettable memories we can treasure for the rest of our lives!

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