Presenting at the Decoda Early Literacy Conference

The Mothers Matter Centre (MMC) participated in the Decoda Early Literacy Conference in Vancouver, B.C., from November 21 to November 22, 2019. The conference brought together educators, early literacy organizations, members of civil society at large, and the media to present on their work and share research and best practices among experts.

Sharing Expert Knowledge: ELL and RHH

Staff from the MMC and ISS of BC presented on two MMC newcomer innovations: Early Language Learning (ELL) and Reviving Hope and Home (RHH) on the first day of the conference. These presentations were well-received by conference attendees, who showed interest in the subject matter and engaged with the presenters in a question-and-answer period following the presentations. The MMC’s session was delivered by Yusra Qadir (Project Manager, IRCC Innovations at MMC), Wazi Dlamini-Kapenda (Director, Multicultural HIPPY at MMC) and Lisa Herrera (Lead Instructional Coordinator – Language College – LINC at ISS of BC) – pictured in order above.

Questions from attendees centred around the models of resource mobilization required for offering services like ELL and RHH, strategies for recruitment and outreach, data collection tools, methodology for ELL curriculum development, and overall outcomes with regards to the settlement of vulnerable mothers from low-income families.

Learning from Others’ Expertise

The second day of the conference provided the MMC staff with an opportunity to learn from other organization’s experiences of exploring digital means for supporting and accelerating learning and scaffolding learning for immigrants based on cultural understanding and sensitivity.

The conference was a great way to bring together communities of practice for exchanging learning and experiences. It allowed attendees to make more linkages that promote coordination in ongoing activities across the country.

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