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Ling Ling’s HIPPY Story: ‘Thanks to HIPPY, I grew with my children’

Ling Ling is proud to be a part of the HIPPY community in Toronto. The HIPPY program has helped her grow as a parent by giving her the tools and activities she needs to play with her children and help prepare them to enter school. Ling Ling shares her experiences below.

Ling Ling’s HIPPY Journal

When I became a parent, I did not know how to be a qualified mother and felt very helpless at times. One day, I went to the nearby community centre to ask for a help. The staff at Working Women Community Centre recommended me to the HIPPY program. They even helped me to make an appointment with the person in charge, Stefania, the Site Coordinator for the HIPPY program in downtown Toronto.

During our first meeting, Stefania told me about the HIPPY program: its history, its purpose, the benefits to the participating family, as well as what my role would be as a HIPPY mother. I knew right there that HIPPY was exactly that program that I had been looking for, and what my children and I desperately needed!

Starting HIPPY two years ago, my parenting learning process started too.

First of all, I learned how to read to my children.

Talking about the stories made me understand how my children think, and I learned what deeply attracts them to stories, too.

Often the activities are an easy-to-understand story played out with an interesting game. Playing with my children opened up their inner world to me. The topics of our communication have increased, and I am glad their minds keep growing.

Second of all, I learned to listen to my children.

Before when one of my daughters wanted to explain something to me, or ask me a question, I did not bother to converse much. I often did not tell them the answer, but instead, I asked them what they thought. Of course, them being so young, they did not know how to find answers on their own. Thank to HIPPY, I learned how to give them a hint that guides them to find the answers they are looking for.

I understand now my children’s biggest wish. They simply want to have a parent to be their companion. They feel loved and happy when I am there for them. They want me to read to them, they wish that I would play with them more. HIPPY gives us the quality time to do both!

I feel very grateful having HIPPY at my home as thank to the program I have become a more confident mother as I know that HIPPY has helped me to strengthen the parent-child relationship in my family.



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