Aboriginal HIPPY – Tsleil Waututh First Nation

Aboriginal HIPPY is Considered an Important Part of Their Promotion of Language and Cultural Revitalization

Tsleil-Waututh Nation, which translates to ‘the People of the Inlet,’ is home to the Aboriginal HIPPY program and serves approximately ten families. Aboriginal HIPPY supports parents in helping their children, ages 3-5, develop the foundational literacy and numerical skills needed to succeed in school.

Insight into the HIPPY Program:

Aboriginal HIPPY is a part of our community. It has helped and been there for many of our children and I hope it continues to be here as a resource to all the parents so the community stays full with knowledge and love for learning.

Success Story:

There are so many stories. First would be what I personally experienced with my own children in the program. My daughters are my inspiration and with the program it started us out on the right track. When it came time to start school they knew their names and how to write them, using scissors safely and properly, holding a pencil and the idea of books and so much more. They were ready! And now they are both in French grade 4 and grade 7.

I also love the moments I get to share with my HIPPY families – times where the children’s faces light up when they see me and they know what I bring into their home to do with their parent. Some say, “you bring me books!” or “you bring my homework!” and so many other things. As we all know, kids say the funniest things. As well, I have gotten testimonies from parents about the program and how important it is to our community. Although it is a great achievement when the kids go into kindergarten but mostly grade 1 when they graduate from the HIPPY program with their parent, I am proud and, of course, sad to see them go, but I know that they are prepared for the school system and the parents now have an idea on how to handle “homework” time and knowing good questions to ask teachers along the way. I have no worries and know in the next school year I will be doing it all over again with different beautiful faces.