$10M Fundraising Initiative

|The Mothers Matter Centre will provide leadership and guidance to enable active and interested communities in Canada to deliver HIPPY and other program innovations.

The Mothers Matter Centre is committed to growing and sustaining its flagship Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program, which uses an innovative mother-to-mother approach that is supported by 50 years of research in delivering results for social change. We intend to take HIPPY’s proven, innovative model and apply it to program innovations in other areas of social support pertaining to housing assistance, job-skills training, literacy and language training, healthcare, and more. The Mothers Matter Centre collaborates with community organizations to delivery HIPPY and other programs. Throughout this relation the Mothers Matter Centre supports its delivery partners with program implementation by providing a robust performance management process, systematic professional development training to Site Coordinators, and research and innovation. The Mothers Matter Centre has the ultimate responsibility to monitor these sites to ensure program fidelity and efficacious change results.

The Mothers Matter Centre and HIPPY sites across the country have historically relied largely on government sources of funding and to a lesser extent private sector donations. To expand our reach, we need to grow our funding and diversify our inputs. Mobilizing private and corporate support is critical to our mission. Our five-year, $10 million fundraising initiative will do both by seeking 50% of its funding from government, and 50% from private and corporate support. 10% of the proceeds from this fundraising initiative will go to support current active sites across Canada. View budget breakdown of funds here. 

$10M to Build Stronger Communities by Supporting Mothers and Uplifting Kids

Our fundraising initiative will help socially isolated and disadvantaged newcomer, Indigenous, and low-income families gain a foothold in Canadian society through providing training and curriculum to mothers to educate their preschool-aged children, and by supporting mothers as they integrate into their communities. The funds will allow us to expand our Indigenous HIPPY programs and our Multicultural HIPPY programs to more locations across Canada. This will enable us to accommodate for the increased inflow of refugees and provide support to more Indigenous communities across the country. The funds will also allow us to expand our program offerings to cover a variety of important subjects to support families in Canadian society, and provide employment and educational opportunities through more developed scholarship opportunities and professional training.

Funds will be distributed across five platforms, with corporate distribution of funds subject to donors’ community giving and corporate social responsibility interests (as applicable). These include:

Our Successes

The Mothers Matter Centre is grateful to every corporation, government department, and person who has contributed to this fundraising initiative since the beginning of 2018. It is only through our supporters that we will achieve our mission of empowering isolated, at-risk mothers to become confident parents and engaged citizens.

And our work is not done! We will continue our fundraising efforts to expand our programming and community support to even more locations as we celebrate 20 years in Canada in 2020.

Please contact Georgia Pyle, Communications and Fundraising Coordinator, to learn how you can donate to this initiative.

Email: gpyle@hippycanada.ca

Our Donors